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Dr. Amy Edgar

"Leaders become great not because of THEIR power, but because of their ability to empower OTHERS." – John Maxwell

In my opinion, a business is a reflection of the leaders within it. I have not been here long, but in the 9 months since I started, I have been in awe of the people who make up Northgate Small Animal Hospital, the leaders in particular.

I am here to give you a little insight into the world of Northgate’s Managing Veterinarian and this team’s leader, Dr. Amy Edgar. At home she is a wife, mother of 2 children, and an energetic black lab named Charlie. Outside of work she enjoys taking bike rides, reading, and attending her children’s’ sporting events. It can be difficult in this demanding line of work to make time for friends and family, but Dr. Edgar values her family above all else and encourages others to do the same. Some of these may come as no surprise, but she has many loves in her life besides her family: strengthening the human animal bond, Cardinal’s Baseball, Diet Coke, and McDonald’s French Fries to name a few. Dr. Edgar has been at Northgate for 7 years. Before entering the veterinary field she bartended and worked on the Human Genome Project, but she knew at a young age that she wanted to be a veterinarian. She attended The University of Illinois for her undergrad and veterinary degree.

To her clients, she is a dedicated, ambitious, and sympathetic soul with a huge heart for all creatures. She understands that each pet she examines is part of a family and her goal is to make sure that her client’s are getting the help they need to keep their family members happy and healthy. Recently a client commented and said, “Dr. Edgar is extremely nice and down to earth. She is very thorough and always makes sure I understand exactly what is going on with my tiny babies.” Another client said, “She truly cares about the animals she cares for and I am grateful for that.” These clients couldn’t be more right about Dr. Edgar. I once overheard her on the phone making plans to pick up a client’s pet from a facility to ensure it’s medical needs were met while the owner was frantically trying to make it back early from being out of town. I consistently witness her going above and beyond for the pets and clients that she cares for.

As an associate veterinarian, technician, or even a receptionist, it is important to work in an environment where you feel safe, supported, and empowered which is exactly what Dr. Edgar offers. When asked to describe Dr. Edgar in one word, a staff member said “vivacious or effervescent.” You can often hear her infectious laugh coming from an exam room. “Dr. Edgar is constantly questioning if there is more we can be doing for our clients and patients and looking for ways to improve the clinic and that is why I chose to work here,” says another staff member.

So if you ever have any doubts whether your pet is well taken care of under Dr. Edgar’s care, please rest assured, Dr. Edgar will care for your beloved fur baby like it is her own.