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New Puppy

Seriously… his name is Jaxson and he is a sweet, full of life, black Labradoodle. Did you get a new puppy for Christmas? Are you wondering if you bit off more than you can chew? I know there are plenty of times where I feel completely at a loss with Jaxon. This post includes some top things to think about for new puppy owners, and information about a FANTASTIC opportunity Northgate is offering puppies starting in January.

1. Socialize your puppy, but do it safely!

Socialization is one of the most important things to offer your puppy in the first few months of his life. POSITIVE experiences are key! Expose your puppy to kids, adults, men, women, dogs, cats, mail men, loud sounds, bright colors, squirrels, trash cans, vacuums…. you get the picture! In short, anything that could be perceived by your puppy as scary. Make sure your puppy experiences them in a POSITIVE way and always feels safe. Also, be sure that your puppy and any other animals they are exposed to are up to date on all vaccines and parasite prevention. Try to think about how your puppy will perceive new things, and never expose them if a NEGATIVE experience is a possibility. If you’re questioning this, please give us a call, we’re happy to guide you on how to make it positive!

2. Be Consistent, Be Patient

our new pal is going to have accidents in the house and, despite your best efforts to keep them out of trouble; he is going to get into things you don’t want him to. The sooner you accept that, the easier this will be. It’s how you REACT to those incidents that determine the outcome. Be CONSISTANT with the behaviors you choose to praise and offer that praise QUICKLY when the puppy performs the behavior you want. NEVER punish your puppy for his mistake; doing so only hinders the bond your puppy is developing with you! Teach him a better behavior and reward that instead!

3. Puppy Classes are GOLDEN!

Puppy classes are the best behavioral investment you can make for your puppy’s future! Starting off early and in a positive way allows your puppy to socialize with other puppies, promote POSITIVE experiences, and even strengthen your bond with your new best friend. Puppy classes at the veterinary hospital also teach puppies to look forward to coming to the clinic, which makes their healthcare easy and fun for everyone! That leads me to our new, exciting opportunity. Starting in January, Northgate will be offering puppy classes! Check out our Facebook page or call us for more information.