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PAW Plans

What is a PAW Plan?

Pet Annual Wellness (PAW) Plans are preventive care plans designed to provide the veterinary services your pet needs to protect against and detect underlying diseases as early as possible. Each of these services have been recommended by our veterinarians and are grouped into plans based on the needs of our patients. Our PAW Plans help you save money too, by providing these services at a discounted rate, as well as allowing you the option to make monthly payments.

A plan for every patient

There are several different PAW Plans – so which one is best for your pet? We have plans designed for various life stages, from puppies/kittens to senior pets!

Included below, you’ll find details on each of the plans and the services offered. Plans include services such as spay/neuters, dental cleanings, as well as senior services tailored to our older pets.

Your veterinarian can help you decide which plan will be most beneficial based on the individual needs of your pet. You can sign up for a PAW Plan at any stage of your pet’s life, so don’t hesitate to ask which plan can best help your pet live a life of wellness!

PAW Plan exceptions

PAW Plans are designed to cover the recommended standard veterinary procedures and medical testing/ treatments that the majority of pets require throughout their lives. PAW Plans do not include services rendered for medical incidents, such as skin or ear infections and they do not cover the additional medications needed at that time. The good news is though, that PAW Plan participants receive a discount on services not covered under the plan!

Our way of saying ‘Thank You’

Here at Northgate, we value our PAW Plan members so much, that we decided to show our appreciation by creating PAW Perks. PAW Perks are designed to take popular services, such as nail trims and anal gland expressions, and discount them even more at an exclusive rate for our PAW Plan patients!

Are you ready to Sign Up?

We believe that preventive care is the best way to promote your pet’s health and well-being. By enrolling your pet in a PAW Plan, you will be taking an important step in providing them with a comprehensive level of care.

Call us today to get started or ask your veterinarian during your pet’s next visit!