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The Importance of Exotic Pet Care

Our reptilian and rodent companions need care, too!

We all know that keeping our cats and dogs healthy requires regular veterinary checkups, but did you know that your kid’s guinea pig, bearded dragon and other unique pets require the same type of care?

The American Animal Hospital Association recommends that exotic pets have yearly checkups, too. Routine wellness examinations are one of the most important steps that exotic pet owners can take to keep their furry and scaly companions happy and healthy. Many of these animals live shorter lives than traditional pets, such as cats and dogs, and therefore early recognition and treatment of medical conditions can safeguard a long, healthy and active life.

Exotic pets are a fantastic option for a number of reasons:

  • Many of them are a great choice for people with allergies
  • Those pet lovers who are looking for a fun new learning experience
  • People who desire a companion that doesn’t require frequent attention or maintenance

Exotic pet veterinarians can be difficult to find and locating one in your area, who you know and trust can really make the difference in an emergency situation.

What should you expect from your exotic veterinarian?

Your veterinarian should ensure that your pet’s environment is the most safe and suitable environment for their health. Many reptiles require their enclosures to be maintained at certain temperatures and have exposure to certain types of lighting to ensure proper bone growth and metabolism. Nutrition is another important subject that should be discussed during a wellness exam. The digestive system of a rabbit is very different from other furry pets and they require constant access to hay. It is important that exotic pet owners are aware of common diseases and symptoms for early detection of these diseases. For example, ferrets are prone to pancreatic tumors known as insulinomas. Proper detection and treatment can add to their quality of life and the quantity of time you have with your ferret. Working with your pet’s veterinarian and veterinary staff is important, as they can also help with detecting and treating common parasites, performing nail trims, and oral exams, amongst other preventative care services.

Northgate Small Animal Hospital is proud to invite exotic pet owners in the Metro East area to bring their furry, scaly, slimy creatures to meet the newest member of our team, Dr. Jamie Kennedy, who focuses on exotic pet medicine. Even if you are simply considering an exotic pet, and need more information, Dr. Kennedy would be more than happy to set up a time to have a consultation with you to discuss the important things you should know before you make your final decision on which exotic pet is right for you.

As a ‘thank you’ for trusting in our Northgate team, our exotic pet consultations are FREE. And, if you return with your new exotic pet, we will take $25 off of their first exam!